When journalism and integrity matter, our affiliate partners have chosen to work with one of the most respected teams in broadcasting.

Anchors and National Correspondents

Margaret Brennan

John Dickerson

Gayle King

Gayle King

Norah O’Donnell

Jane Pauley

Major Garrett

Jennifer Brown

Steve Dorsey

Tom Foty

Stephan Kaufman

Jennifer Keiper

Allison Keyes

Lilia Luciano

Steve Kathan

Peter King

Jim Krasula

Cami McCormick

Matt Pieper

Steven Portnoy

Deborah Rodriguez

Jill Schlesinger

International Correspondents

Adrienne Bard

Vicki Barker

Robert Berger

Lucy Craft


In Los Angeles, when people think news they think KNX and CBS.  CBS is a great partner in helping us bring the rest of the country and the world to Southern California. Their resources and worldwide reach are an integral of our daily content, on-the-hour and around-the-clock.

Ken Charles, PD | KNX 97.1 and 1070 Newsradio | Audacy | Los Angeles